Our people make us who we are.

Here at HBW, we’re a team — but we’re also a group of unique individuals. To showcase our individual strengths, we’ll be spotlighting a different employee each month. These are the people who help make us, well, us.

Name: Betty Armand

Job Title: Director of First Impressions

Years at HBW: 1.5 years

Total years experience: 5+ years



What excites you most about the work you do?

Due to the location and nature of my position, I get to see everything that goes on at work, I’m the go-to person at the front desk. I get to meet all of those who walk through the front door and get to talk to everyone who stops by, which means I usually get asked every question possible. The majority of the time, I’ll know the answer and when I may not know, I’m eager to find an answer for you. I like that my position requires a lot of organizational skills, I make sure everything is in order around the office and in its rightful place. One of my favorite parts about my position is that I get to walk around the office in order to deliver mail or plans to some of the PC’s, this allows some time for small conversation, or a chance to get to say “Hello” or “Good Morning.”

What do you like best about working at HBW?

Every day I come to work, I get to laugh. This is not your typical office space, we are one big crazy family here and I’ve felt welcomed since day one. We always have awesome functions to look forward to and I’ve learned a lot about the construction business. Each day I feel as though I have the opportunity to learn something new.

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on so far?

I got assigned the project of handling the incoming Certificates of Insurance (COI’s). This task entails interacting with contractors and discussing their expired COI’s and making sure they send in a new one. I keep track of this by entering the updated information in SAGE and uploading the new COI copy in PVAULT.  So far that’s the project that I keep up with daily.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

On my day off I explore the city of Baltimore. I live in Baltimore and I love it. Since I’m close to my family in NY sometimes I’ll drive up to see them.  If the weather is bad outside, I will usually binge on NETFLIX or HULU or play video games on my PS4 (I’m addicted to SIMS – Yikes). I’m also a football fan of the Seattle Seahawks (Yes, I love Russell Wilson) 😊

Anything else you think prospective employees should know about HBW?

We are one big happy blended family. As it is with any workplace you have your ups and downs, but I think we make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. We have a variety of personalities but it’s like a puzzle that all fits together.